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This May save your Dogs Life

If your Dog consumed Xylitol – This may save it’s life – We are not responsible if it doesn’t – sorry to say that but we have to.

Its Important to see how much it has eaten – 3 pieces of gum missing – 3 pieces should be recovered.

Yes feel free to Google this – It has saved Dogs lives.

1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide per ten pounds of body weight.

Fill a syringe with  hydrogen peroxide, prop your dog on your lap and squirt it into it’s mouth.  A few minutes later the dog will be vomiting all over the floor.

This is a VERY BIG Problem, and a fatal emergency in a small dog. Do NOT leave it be and “‘See How He Does”.

Get the Dog to the Vet – This is only to keep it alive for the trip and hopefully save your dogs life.

Hope this helps.

Thank You

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    Very enlightening post. Without doubt given me food for thought. Thanks, looking forward to more like this.

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